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Class 10 Chemical Reactions and Equations   CHEMICAL REACTION AND EQUATIONS Q1. Give some examples of reactions from your daily life that occurred around you? Ans1. Digestion of food Respiration Rusting of Iron Photosynthesis Cooking of Food Combustion   Q2. State the changes that take place during chemical reactions? Ans2. Change in state Change in… Read More »


LIFE PROCESSES CLASS 10TH Q.1 What are life processes? Name the main life processes? Ans.1 Processes that maintain life are called life processes like nutrition, respiration, excretion, transportation etc. Q.2 What criteria do we use to judge whether the living being is dead or alive? Ans.2 It can be the movement of body or movement… Read More »


Electricity Class-10th Ques.1 What is current ? Write its S.I unit? Ans.1 Electric Current is expressed by the amount of charge flowing through a particular area. S.I unit – Ampere (A)   Ques.2  What the positive is the direction of current conventionality? Ans.2  From the positive terminal to negative terminal.   Ques.3 Give the expression… Read More »